Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is created by adding a small amount of copper to pure silver to produce a metal more durable than pure silver alone.  We use recycled sterling silver for the majority of our silver pieces.  Sterling silver is considered to be hypoallergenic and most people will not experience any type of reaction to it, however due to the nature of recycled metals, there is always the chance of there being trace elements of another metal present which could cause mild irritation for someone with an allergy.

14k Gold Plated

Our gold plated items are plated with a thick layer of 14k gold over brass, bronze, and silver (in which case called vermeil) that gives the look of gold while maintaining affordability and lessening the potential for irritation on the skin that could otherwise be caused by the metals underneath.  The plating we use is above the industry standard in terms of thickness and should withstand normal everyday wear for years to come.  Eventually you may find that the plating has been worn down on the exposed areas of your jewelry, but we are always happy to help you with re-plating the item if that does occur. Please refer to our repairs page to learn more about that process. 

Rhodium Plated

Rhodium is a silver-hued, precious metal known for its durability, highly reflective appearance, and hypoallergenic properties.  We’ve chosen to plate some of our pieces in rhodium to help prevent tarnishing and increase their lifespan.

Gold Filled

Many of our chains are gold filled, which differ from gold plated pieces in the process by which they are produced and feature an even thicker layer of gold (usually overtop of a metal such as brass or bronze) than gold plated items.  This is an important factor in prolonging the lifespan of delicate chains that have a lot of contact with the skin which can wear away the outer layers of your jewelry over time.  


We use both naturally occurring and lab-created gemstones in our jewelry, please refer to the product page for specific info.  


We use cultured freshwater pearls, which are real pearls that are cultivated by farmers, rather than by an accident of nature as is the case with “natural” pearls.  Most pearls sold today are cultured pearls, and are a favourite with jewelers due to their affordability and the vast array of shapes and sizes they come in.  We source most of our pearls from a family-run supplier in a town in China where over 75% of the world's pearls are produced. The pearl industry in general is fairly sustainable, as oysters and mussels need clean, non-polluted conditions to create the pearls, so pearl farmers have an interest in upholding eco-friendly practices to promote those conditions.


Sometimes also referred to as cold enamel, resin is a polymer that is formed by combining two liquid parts that solidify when mixed.  Resin is used in many applications and is loved by jewellers particularly for its durability and endless design opportunities.  All of our resin pieces are meticulously hand-painted and take a great deal of time and intention to produce, making each piece very special.     

A note on allergies:

All of our jewelry is nickel-free and considered safe to come in contact with the skin.  Most of our jewelry is made from a metal alloy, which is a pure metal (such as silver or gold) with the addition of a base metal (such as copper) that adds strength and longevity to the metal.  If you are someone with a metal allergy, alloys can be difficult to navigate because there is always a chance that you will react to the base metal in that piece.  Even if you don’t have a metal allergy, you may find that some alloys will tarnish faster on you than others, which is what can sometimes cause a person’s skin to turn green where it comes in contact with the metal.  This can be caused by many factors, such as how much moisture is present around the jewelry, or even your own body chemistry that can change depending on your diet or health at the time.  While we can’t guarantee that you won’t react to any of our pieces, we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have and help you with solving the issue if you do experience a reaction.